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arrow Quarterly TDS Return for payments other than Salary

Quarterly TDS Return for payments other than Salary

Get TDS return filed for salary payment

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TDS stands for Tax Deduction at Source, when any person is paying an amount to another person in respect of rent, commission, interest etc. Then the person is liable to deduct tax at prescribed rates before paying the amount. The tax deducted as above will be paid to the Government and then a return is filed to give the credit of the same to the deductee. The said return is filed through Form 26Q. 


Return Filing 

Form 26Q contains the details of all the deductions and payment of tax by the deductor in respect to all the payments or credit made for the particular period (i.e. the quarter for which the return is filed). This is a quarterly return to be filed by the deductor. The following are the due dates for filing the return:

Form 26Q contains the details of tax that is deducted in respect of interest, dividend, rent, and commission etc during the particular quarter. 


Benefits of TDS deduction 

TDS helps the government to collect taxes on a timely basis and also helps in the regular flow of cash. The taxpayer is also relieved from the burden of paying a significant amount of tax in a single transaction. 


Penalties in relation to payment of tax and filing of return form 26Q

In case where the deductor fails to deduct tax at source then he shall be liable to pay interest at the rate 1% per month, from due date of deduction to actual date of deduction, and in case where the deductor fails to pay the tax to the government then the interest shall be applied at the rate of 1.5% per month, from actual date of deduction to actual date of payment, part of the month will be treated as full month. 

In case where the person fails to furnish the return in form 26Q to the Government on or before the due date, a fine of Rs. 200 per day (Maximum upto the amount of tax involved in the return) is to be paid up to the date of filing of return. In case the delay in filing is beyond 1 year from the due date of filing, an extra penalty of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 may be imposed by the  assessing officer.

What is Covered

Preparation of TDS return

Verification of TDS payment challans for validitity at the time of preparing the return

Identification of any short-fall in TDS deduction and incorrect TDS deduction

Filing of TDS return with the Government

Providing Form 16A, which you need to provide to your vendor

What is not Covered

Nothing really, everything mentioned in the scope above is covered. :)

Information guide
  • Challans paid for all the months during the quarter

  • Details of all the payments or credits made during the period which attracts TDS provisions, date of payment or credit, amount of tax deducted per deductee, PAN of all the deductees

Estimate Time to Complete

5 Days



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