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arrow Only Capital Gains Income

Only Capital Gains Income

Did you sell any property/ shares or mutual funds? Get your capital gains taken care of.

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This plan caters to Indivuals who sold their property, stocks, mutual funds, etc and made a gain or incurred a loss out of such sale. Further, other sources income like Interest on Fixed deposits are also covered under this Plan.

What is Covered

Income Tax filing for a salaried person having Form 16 or otherwise

Income Tax filing for a salaried person having other sources Income along with rental income.

Income Tax return for person who sold his property, stocks, mutual funds, etc during the year.

Refund status and filing confirmation

Confidentially and full security

Planning advice and customisation based on your needs

Full Expert support/advice

What is not Covered

Nothing really, everything mentioned in the scope above is covered. :)

Information guide

Form 16 from employer

KYC Details (Name, Father’s Name, Bank Account details (Including IFSC code), PAN Card details, Aadhar number and Address)

Trading account statement from your broker containing details of sale and purchase of shares or derivates

Estimate Time to Complete

3 days