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Income tax notice response

Received notice from the income tax department, get an adequate response drafted by an expert.

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Received income tax notice? If, for any reason you do not file your tax return or there is non-compliance the income tax department will issue a notice under section 143(2) of the income tax act. If the department has sent you such an intimation of outstanding tax demand, you will have to go to an income tax office on the date and the time specified in the notice. Don't panic, we are here to solve your problem. Get an adequate response drafted by our expert at a minimal cost.

What is Covered

- Review of the notice received from the income tax department

- Review of any documents/ information related to such notice

- Assisting you in preparing adequate response to the notice

What is not Covered

Our scope covers responding to only income tax notice only for one financial year.

In case you have received notices for multiple years, we request you to add this plan multiple times, depending on your current status.

Our scope does not include physical representation before the income tax authorities on your behalf.

Estimate Time to Complete

3 days



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