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arrow Presumptive Income Tax Return for business

Presumptive Income Tax Return for business

Want an easy way to pay tax for your business? Offer fixed profits to tax.

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The plan is designed to cater businesses (having annual turnover upto Rs. 2cr and declaring profit at 8% or above of turnover) and professionals & Freelancers (having annual gross receipts upto Rs. 50 lakh and declaring profit at 50% or above of receipts) opting for presumptive taxation scheme or small taxpayers earning casual income like tuition income, interest income etc

What is Covered

CA-assisted Tax returns Filing

Business hours CA-Support

Documented follow up.

What is not Covered

Nothing really, everything mentioned in the scope above is covered. :)

Information guide

Bank statements for the financial year

Income and Expenditure statements

KYC Details (Name, Father’s Name, Bank Account details (Including IFSC code), PAN Card details, Aadhar number and Address)

Estimate Time to Complete

3 days



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